Entry-level Spur Climbing Kit

Entry-level Spur Climbing Kit


This is the best starter kit on the market! This kit is built around rugged and dependable climbing gear that can get the job done without extra bells and whistles.

The 2016 kit comes with Weaver Shin Cup pads, which have angled steel inserts that provide rigid support and superior comfort when compared to soft pads. The Klein spurs have a wide range of adjustment, making them a truly one-size-fits-all spur. They also feature an offset shank and interchangeable, replaceable gaffs. The split-D harness is both durable and comfortable, featuring a wide, padded back and a leather-lined sit sling. 


Your kit will contain:

  • Wide-back harness
  • Klein steel spurs
  • Shin Cup pads
  • Spur straps
  • Gaff Guards
  • 12' x 5/8” steel-core flipline
  • US Standard adjuster
  • Pirate carabiner
  • Tree Climber's Companion
  • Canvas gear Bag

More Information

  • Klein Spurs with T-pads are adjustable in height
  • T-pads are made from top-quality leather with thick felted wool padding
  • Klein Spurs feature replaceable 2 3/4” tree gaffs (1 3/4” pole gaffs available on request)
  • Weaver saddles are durable and made in the USA from top-quality materials
  • Saddle is lined for comfort and durability
  • Tall back padding on the saddle increases comfort and back support while working in the tree
  • 5/8” x 12’ flipline is easy to grip and long enough to work well on the most commonly encountered trees
  • Climb Right flipline adjuster is easier to use than a hip prusik
  • Rock Exotica Pirate carabiners have superior pull-down gate action & manufacturing
  • The included Tree Climber’s Companion is richly illustrated and explains tree terms, knots, and safe climbing practices

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